Tour with HOLYCHILD and Pagiins

Apr 03 2014

Our tour with HOLYCHILD and Pagiins starts in 4 days! Look at how adorable we all were when we first met at SXSW! What date will you be catching us at?

Tickets here.

Alt-18 Countdown

Apr 02 2014

Hey! We’re on SiriusXM’s Alt-18 Countdown. Help us get #Waves to #1!

Tour Dates With Grouplove

Mar 31 2014

We became fast friends with Grouplove years ago inside of a make shift dressing room in Salt Lake City. Ever since then it’s always been a blast to bump into them at festivals and radio one-offs. So, it’s with great excitement to announce we’ll be doing a handful of dates with our buds in Grouplove from 6/15-6/18.

Fan Cover Art

Mar 27 2014

Love this About Last Night cover rendition from Natalie Barbara!

Tony’s Track by Track Rundown

Mar 26 2014

Check out Tony’s track by track rundown of About Last Night via Alternative Press!

About Last Night Album Release Party

Mar 25 2014

We had such a great time at our About Last Night album release party at Mellow Matt’s music! Thank you to everyone who came out to see us, we appreciate all the hometown support!

About Last Night Rolling Stone Review

Mar 25 2014

Great review of About Last Night from the folks over at Rolling Stone. Click here to check it out.

About Last Night is OUT TODAY

Mar 25 2014

About Last Night is OUT TODAY and that… is unbelievable.

August 2012 was a pivotal month for us as a band. For the first time in two years, we had nothing to do. All of the tours, festivals, video shoots and meet and greets were gone. The “Celabrasion” was over. Alex and I moved into a quaint apartment, Scott began recording other bands, Justin started a new band, Lee bought a zillion vinyl records and Josh picked up odd jobs. We had a moment to reflect and it was BORING! We immediately got together and knocked out 3 new songs: Be Brave, Bad News and Eat You Up. Something felt different. The silly group of kids who wrote “devil-may-care” anthems, wrought with sexual innuendo, were gone. It was terrifying and yet, it felt right. As we plunged deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole it became clear that we had something special on our hands. We kept our grip tight on what we had.

Today, with white knuckles and a heavy heart, we loosen that grip and hand About Last Night over to you. Pick up a copy, learn every word and join the family. We can’t wait to share the experience of About Last Night with you every night. See you soon.


-Tony Smith

Going on the Road With Fitz & The Tantrums

Mar 21 2014

When I first heard word that Fitz & The Tantrums were going out on the road, I’d hoped to at least catch a show. Lucky me, we get to play a slew of shows with them (even better!). Come out June 6th through the 13th, you won’t regret it. Check out the dates here.

-Tony Smith,
Sleeper Agent