#SleeperAgentBeBrave: Scott

Oct 02 2014

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: I draw bravery from women. In our patriarchal society, double standards between genders exist in every facet of life. I am brave because I call myself a feminist in the face of those who consider that word to be demeaning. It’s easy to limit yourself to your own perspective, so I feel brave for seeking out the dialog of others’ experiences. In a society filled with many sorts of injustices, how are you brave? -Scott

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: Justin

Oct 01 2014

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: In October 2008 Tony and I were kicking the idea of a new band around. He had been playing with a new group of guys and none of them wanted to sing. He asked if I wanted to do it knowing I’d never sang in a band. I agreed and he then told me that they had a show booked in a week. I was a nervous wreck. That Friday came and I was on the stage in front of a band rather than backing one as I’d done for years. I couldn’t move but then we started the first song and i knew I had to be brave and sing those songs. That was the first Sleeper Agent show and my first time as a front man. Now I’m back on the kit where I belong! -Justin

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: Tony

Oct 01 2014

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: When I got word that we were going to be making a video for Be Brave, I was thrilled. It’s one of my favorite songs off the album and I was always curious what the video could be. I was then told that I was going to be the one to make it. At first I was very excited and couldn’t wait to get to work. Dread, panic and anxiety soon followed as I received a budget and a deadline. This was real and I was committed and responsible. I’ve made videos in the past, but those were with friends or bandmates, without budgets or expectations. As a self-proclaimed introvert with social anxiety, I couldn’t fathom orchestrating all of the events that would have to fall into place for me to get my idea off the ground. I’d have to talk to strangers, secure locations, make a budget, hire a crew and convince people to be in it. I’ve performed in front of thousands and for some reason, holding a camera and telling a crowd of extras how to act seemed like a nightmare. Some of the shots required us to use guerilla-style filmmaking. It was terrifying and exhilarating all at once. Overall, everything I feared that could go wrong, didn’t. I’m proud of my band, team, crew and hometown for being supportive every step of the way. It’s funny that the project that forced me out of my comfort zone was for a song called Be Brave. I really had to put my money where my mouth was. -Tony

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: Alex

Sep 30 2014

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: For me, allowing myself to be creative still challenges me to be brave every day. Whether it’s picking up my guitar or staring at a blank canvas, it’s far too easy to get discouraged by the naysaying voice in my head. But when I finally do play a chord or lay down the first brush stroke there is this immediate relief. I think being brave has a lot to do with letting go of the fear of failing. It’s about letting yourself make mistakes. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s unfair to expect myself to only create amazing things. Sometimes I’m going to hate what I wrote, or painted, or filmed. And that’s okay. It’s more than okay. It’s brave. -Alex


Sep 24 2014

Big election this year. REGISTER TO VOTE here.

Atlanta! You blew our minds today

Sep 20 2014

Atlanta! You blew our minds today! Not sure any other city can throw down that hard that early in the day!

Get Tickets To Life Is Beautiful Festival

Sep 03 2014

Here we go! We’re performing at the Life Is Beautiful Festival on October 24th. Get your tickets here!

Life Is Beautiful Festival

Jul 25 2014

We’ll be playing the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas in October!

Warped Tour in Minneapolis!!

Jul 20 2014

Minneapolis! Rock n roll field day today over at the Beat Port stage! 2:30. Be there!

CHICAGO! We’ll Be Rocking Out at the Beat Port Stage at 5:15 Today

Jul 19 2014

CHICAGO! We’ll be rocking out at the #beatport stage at 5:15 today! Then Come by our merch tent (by the tropical water slide) at 5:50 for meet&greet!