Billboard’s Backstage Photobooth at Life is Beautiful Festival 2014

Nov 03 2014

We love this photo from Billboard’s Backstage Photobooth at Life is Beautiful Festival 2014. Check out the gallery here!

Vegas! #lifeisbeautifulfest

Oct 24 2014

Vegas! We play The Western Stage at 5pm! #lifeisbeautifulfest

Had a blast, STL!

Oct 19 2014

Had a blast, STL!


Oct 19 2014

Soundcheckin’ #stl #weezer

Big thanks to #UMN for having us!

Oct 13 2014

Big thanks to #UMN for having us! Have a happy homecoming #forevergold

ICE CREAM HEADACHE Ep. 143 “Sleeper Agent”

Oct 12 2014

Tony talks band origins, Netflix, Warped Tour, Bowling Green, KY on the podcast ICE CREAM HEADACHE Ep. 143 “Sleeper Agent”. Listen here.

Raise Some Hell!

Oct 08 2014

Raise some hell! Vote Sleeper Agent BE BRAVE #alt18 #AltNation

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: Scott

Oct 02 2014

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: I draw bravery from women. In our patriarchal society, double standards between genders exist in every facet of life. I am brave because I call myself a feminist in the face of those who consider that word to be demeaning. It’s easy to limit yourself to your own perspective, so I feel brave for seeking out the dialog of others’ experiences. In a society filled with many sorts of injustices, how are you brave? -Scott

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: Justin

Oct 01 2014

#SleeperAgentBeBrave: In October 2008 Tony and I were kicking the idea of a new band around. He had been playing with a new group of guys and none of them wanted to sing. He asked if I wanted to do it knowing I’d never sang in a band. I agreed and he then told me that they had a show booked in a week. I was a nervous wreck. That Friday came and I was on the stage in front of a band rather than backing one as I’d done for years. I couldn’t move but then we started the first song and i knew I had to be brave and sing those songs. That was the first Sleeper Agent show and my first time as a front man. Now I’m back on the kit where I belong! -Justin